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From the author of Cycle Analytics for Traders
We offer a better mean-reversion trading technique using MESA. Note how the MESA Cycle Analyzer anticipates each short-term price reversal in this Cycling Stock Simulator demo.
— Co-Founder John F. Ehlers

Actionable Trading Signals

Nightly Signals in Advance — Simulated Trades at the Next Opening Bell

Premium Members get nightly buy/sell short-term (swing) trading signals for the next market open. New entry signals are derived from our top ranked Daily Swing Setups  after the close.

100% Transparent!  Our results are easy to verify. We simulate each trade at the next-day opening bell. Place trades of interest in your watchlists and follow their daily profits. We report ALL hypothetical performance results  —  see our Trade-by-Trade Details

The Reviews Are In...

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Winner – 2015 Stocks & Comodities Readers Choice Award  see details
John F. Ehlers article "Predictive and Successful Indicators" won the
Stocks & Commodities 2015 award for “Favorite Article of the Year”
“What really separates from other stock picking websites
is the transparency of their picks and their performance numbers” 

 – American Association of Individual Investors  see review 
“For an excellent example of cycle research creating profitable
trading strategies, check out StockSpotter.”
 –Brett Steenbarger Ph.D., TraderFeed  see review 
“The analytics of this product are outstanding”
 –Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities  see review 
“Independently verifiable”  “Real world trading signals”
–Traders' Online Magazine  see review 
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