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Date range from Jun 01, 2020 through Sep 25, 2020
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BAHBooz Allen Hamilton Holding Corp.9/16/2020$84.339/24/2020$83.857✮✮✮✮-0.6
BBarnes Group9/16/2020$34.089/23/2020$36.336✮✮✮✮✮6.6
SAVESpirit Airlines9/15/2020$17.869/18/2020$18.034✮✮✮✮1.0
NICENice-Systems Limited9/15/2020$212.749/24/2020$213.608✮✮✮✮✮0.4
UGAUS Gasoline Fund Lp9/14/2020$18.319/21/2020$19.866✮✮✮✮8.5
TMToyota Motor Corp Ltd Ord9/14/2020$133.909/17/2020$133.804✮✮✮✮-0.1
OCOwens Corning Inc9/14/2020$65.779/21/2020$68.186✮✮✮✮✮3.7
IIINInsteel Industries9/14/2020$17.579/21/2020$18.416✮✮4.8
GEGeneral Electric Company9/14/2020$5.999/21/2020$6.636✮✮✮10.7
EVREvercore Partners Inc9/14/2020$62.169/17/2020$64.584✮✮✮3.9
EQTEqt Corp.9/14/2020$14.159/23/2020$14.908✮✮✮✮5.3
CUBCubic Corp.9/14/2020$43.219/22/2020$58.957✮✮✮✮✮36.4
CASSCass Information Systems Inc9/14/2020$37.349/24/2020$38.589✮✮✮✮3.3
VNOVornado Realty Trust9/11/2020$33.729/18/2020$37.116✮✮✮✮10.1
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¹ Profits are hypothetical based on simulated trade execution at the next market-on-open after the trading signal