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Date range from Jan 03, 2017 through Apr 28, 2017
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MKLMarkel Corp.4/24/2017$971.314/26/2017$977.133✮✮✮✮✮0.6
BKFMSCI Bric4/20/2017$36.174/26/2017$36.925✮✮2.1
JKDMorningstar Large Core4/20/2017$140.884/26/2017$143.325✮✮✮1.7
ERUSMSCI Russia Capped4/20/2017$30.684/27/2017$32.016✮✮✮4.3
PRFFTSE Rafi US 1000 Portfolio4/20/2017$101.384/26/2017$103.145✮✮✮1.7
RJFRaymond James Financial4/20/2017$73.454/27/2017$75.816✮✮✮3.2
TTCToro Company4/19/2017$61.984/25/2017$64.465✮✮✮✮4.0
UPSUnited Parcel Service4/19/2017$104.584/26/2017$107.236✮✮✮✮2.5
VOEVg Mid-Cap Value ETF4/19/2017$101.234/26/2017$102.876✮✮✮1.6
VBRVg Small-Cap Value ETF4/19/2017$121.534/25/2017$124.465✮✮✮2.4
RYJGuggenheim Raymond James Sb-1 Equity Fund4/19/2017$39.494/26/2017$40.226✮✮✮1.8
SGMSScientific Games Corp4/19/2017$21.554/26/2017$22.656✮✮✮✮5.1
THFFFirst Financial Corporation Indiana4/19/2017$46.204/24/2017$49.304✮✮✮6.7
TLKP.T. Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk.4/19/2017$30.654/26/2017$32.806✮✮7.0
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¹ Profits are hypothetical based on simulated trade execution at the next market-on-open after the trading signal