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Performance Results:  Monday Apr. 5, 2021 — Friday Apr. 9, 2021  
  Total Trades : 94   Percent Profitable : 93.6%
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(sum wins / sum losses)
21.6 Median Profit/Trade : 3.9%
  Winning Trades : 88   Losing Trades : 6
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VPLMSCI Pacific4/5/2021$82.844/9/2021$83.025✮✮✮0.2%
UHSUniversal Health Services4/1/2021$133.194/9/2021$137.626✮✮✮✮✮3.3%
RGRSturm Ruger & Company4/1/2021$66.864/9/2021$68.256✮✮✮✮✮2.1%
NXSTNexstar Broadcasting Group4/1/2021$140.584/9/2021$147.076✮✮✮✮4.6%
SLVSilver Trust3/31/2021$22.314/9/2021$23.297✮✮4.4%
MSAMine Safety Appliances Company3/31/2021$150.004/9/2021$152.867✮✮✮✮✮1.9%
HSKAHeska Corp.3/31/2021$164.564/9/2021$173.897✮✮✮✮✮5.7%
EXKEndeavour Silver Corp.3/31/2021$4.804/9/2021$5.347✮✮✮11.3%
VRNTVerint Systems Inc.3/30/2021$44.454/9/2021$46.338✮✮✮✮4.2%
MGPIMgp Ingredients3/29/2021$60.954/9/2021$63.449✮✮✮✮✮4.1%
FEYEFireEye, Inc.3/29/2021$19.634/9/2021$19.879✮✮✮1.2%
CRTCross Timbers Royalty Trust3/29/2021$8.704/9/2021$9.089✮✮✮4.4%
PROPros Holdings3/26/2021$42.354/9/2021$43.6810✮✮✮✮✮3.1%
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¹ Results are hypothetical. Trading signals issued after the close. Trades are simulated at the next-day opening bell price.