Swing Trade Setups  
Bullish swing trading candidates for:  Monday Apr. 06, 2020  
TickerCompany NameCloseVolume
CVICvr Energy Inc.$14.2814,980
DHXDice Holdings$2.451,893
EWBCEast West Bancorp$22.7816,942
GSGGSCI Commodity-Indexed Trust Fund$10.186,933
LGNDLigand Pharmaceuticals Inc.$73.235,652
NOGNorthern Oil And Gas$0.7841,871
NPKNational Presto Industries$73.39470
ORAOrmat Technologies$62.722,597
PRAPro-Assurance Corp.$21.304,802
PZZAPapa John's International$52.586,360
QEPQep Resources$0.36122,413
SMSm Energy Company$1.3167,805
STONStonemor Partners L.P.$0.759,113
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  1. Each setup forecasts a possible near-term bullish upswing
  2. Setups occur when momentum is falling at a cycle trough
  3. A swing trade setup is a prerequisite for a trading signal
  4. A trading signal may occur up to 3 days after a swing setup
  5. About 5% of swing trade setups result in actual trading signals
  6. Trading signals are higher probability events than setups alone
  7. Trading signals are available to Premium Members